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SCS Standards is a leader in the field of sustainability. We have four decades of experience developing science-based standards to drive sustainable development and a circular economy.

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The Standard Development Process

We follow a well-defined process to develop relevant and credible sustainability standards: SCS-owned standards; proprietary standards commissioned by corporations, industry associations, and NGOs; and American National Standards.


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    1. Inception

    An idea is created. Revisions to existing standards are scheduled to occur at least every five years. Interim revisions may be requested for consideration.

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    2. Evaluation

    SCS Standards reviews the request and determines whether the new/revised standard is in line with SCS Standards' objectives.

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    3. Creation of Committee

    SCS Standards Development Committees consist of industry, academia, civil society, and user members. The committees serve as the consensus bodies that develop new standards, review proposed changes, and ensure our standards are relevant and valuable.

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    4. Standard is Drafted

    The standard is drafted. Typically, this is an iterative process.

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    5. Public Consultation

    The draft final standard is published for public review. Stakeholders are invited to provide comments. The public comment period may vary between 30 and 60 days and may be repeated multiple times if deemed necessary.

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    6. Review and Decision

    The comments received are reviewed and addressed. The standard is either updated for further review or finalized.

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    7. Trial Use

    SCS Standards may choose to test the draft standard in the field before, during, or after the consultation process to understand the applicability of the standard's criteria in a real-world setting and test the viability of the standard’s requirements.

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    8. Standard is Published

    Our Procedure for Standards Development and Modification provides further information on the process.

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ANSI Accredited

SCS Standards is an ANSI accredited standards development body, signifying our firm commitment to openness, balance, and consensus, as well as providing a path to facilitate the development of recognized American National Standards.

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