Certification Standard for Sustainable Diamonds

Released for Public Stakeholder Review

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SCS Standards announced today that its groundbreaking Certification Standard for Sustainable Diamonds (SCS-007) is now entering a 60-day public consultation phase, on the path to finalization this spring. Stakeholders are invited to review the standard and provide feedback.

The standard, developed under an international, multi-stakeholder consensus process, provides the first unified framework for assessing and certifying mined, laboratory-grown and recycled diamonds. It aims to establish a new benchmark of sustainability performance for gemstone diamonds, providing:

  • Provenance Assurance backed by advanced testing of each diamond providing 99% accuracy, and full chain-of-custody accountability from the point of origin to the consumer, reinforcing conflict-free claims;
  • Social/Ethical Assurance with Zero Tolerance for child labor, slave labor and human rights abuses, extensive protections for workers, their families and communities, and strong governance requirements;
  • Environmental Assurance encompassing stringent environmental checks and balances, establishing unprecedented climate neutrality requirements, and setting net zero impact milestones for impacts across the diamond’s life cycle.

The multi-stakeholder Standard Development Committee included diamond producers and industry representatives, retailers, civil society representatives with environmental and social expertise, academics, and grading and testing technology experts.

“The Standard Development Committee has worked very hard to refine and improve this standard through several drafts, to ensure that it can fully address the concerns of environmentally and socially conscious consumers,” said Diana Kirsanova Phillips, who heads SCS Standards. “We look forward to obtaining valuable stakeholder feedback during this next phase.”

To obtain a copy of the draft standard, or to participate in the public consultation review process, please visit www.SCSstandards.org.

SCS Standards Development ("SCS Standards") is a non-profit committed to the development of standards that advance the sustainable development goals. Standards are developed in alignment with best practices and guidelines provided by internationally recognized bodies to ensure a robust, transparent and collaborative approach. SCS Standards is the official standards development body for Scientific Certification Systems, Inc., a chartered benefit corporation, which has been providing internationally recognized third-party certification as SCS Global Services since 1984.

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