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SCS Standards Assumes Administration of Full Suite of SCS Proprietary Standards


SCS Standards, the non-profit standards development body formed in 2020 to address the broad range of sustainability standards needs of veteran certification leader, Scientific Certification Systems Inc. (SCS), announced today that it has assumed administration of the full suite of SCS proprietary standards. 

“For nearly 40 years, SCS has been at the forefront of global standards development in the sustainability space,” said Linda Brown, SCS Co-founder, and Senior Vice President. “In addition to working in support of multi-stakeholder and private sector standard-setting efforts, SCS has developed a wide range of proprietary standards to fill unique or underserved niches to provide independent recognition of outstanding social and environmental performance,” she explained. 

“We are excited to complete this SCS proprietary standards administration transition,” said Victoria Norman, Interim Executive Director of SCS Standards.  “These standards address a wide swath of industries and issues, from sustainable agriculture to indoor air quality, and from carbon neutrality to zero waste.”

SCS Standards is now administrator of the following standards: 

  • SCS-001-1 Sustainably Grown: A Sustainable Agriculture Standard for Agricultural Crops 
  • SCS-001-2 Sustainably Grown Veriflora: A Sustainability Standard for Cut Flowers and Potted Plants 
  • SCS-001-3 Responsibly Managed Peatlands: A Veriflora® Standard for Responsible Horticultural Peat Moss Production 
  • SCS-007-1 Certification Standard for Sustainability Rated Diamonds 
  • SCS-101 Pesticide Residue Free Certification Standard 
  • SCS-102 Pesticide Free Certification Standard 
  • SCS-103 Recycled Content Standard 
  • SCS-104 Biodegradability Standard 
  • SCS-105 Indoor Air Quality Product Performance Standard for Building Interiors 
  • SCS-106 Recycling Program Standard 
  • SCS-107 Certification Standard for Gluten Free Products 
  • SCS-108 Certification Standard for Carbon Neutral Entities, Buildings, Products and Services 
  • SCS-110 Certification Standard for Zero Waste Facilities 
  • SCS-111-1 Certification Standard for Zero Waste Projects 
  • SCS-111-2 Certification Standard for Zero Waste Events 
  • SCS-201 Responsible Source™ Standard V1.0 for Chip, Pellets and Manufactured Fibers 
  • SCS-202-1 Responsible Source™ for Precious Metals Standard 
  • SCS-202-2 Responsible Source™ Standard for Gemstones 
  • SCS-203-1 SCS LegalHarvest™ Verification (LHV) Standard for the Assessment of Forests 
  • SCS-203-2 SCS LegalHarvest™ Verification (LHV) Chain of Custody Standard 
  • SCS-203-3 SCS LegalHarvest™ Verification (LHV) Standard for Multi-Site Assessment  
  • SCS-203-4 SCS LegalHarvest™ Verification (LHV™) Estándar para la Evaluación de Bosques en la República de Costa Rica
  • SCS-204 SCS Salvaged Wood & Fiber Standard 

To learn more about SCS Standards, please visit, or reach out to [email protected].

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