SCS Standards Publishes Plant-Based Products Standard

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SCS Standards is pleased to announce a newly developed certification standard for plant-based food and body care products. 

The Certification Standard for Plant-Based Products (SCS-109) has been developed to support the growing market demand for products that are not derived from animals. This demand is in response to the growing interest in food and body care product choices that are healthier, sustainable and do not compromise animal welfare. According to the American Heart Association, “diets higher in plant foods and lower in animal foods were linked with lower risk of cardiovascular disease and death.” 

The purpose of the standard is to provide independent recognition for products are not animal-derived and do not contain any ingredients that are animal-derived. To make a “plant-based” claim, products for human or animal consumption must have at least 95% of plant-derived ingredients in weight percentage in the finished product, while body care products must have more than 50% of plant-derived ingredients in weight percentage in the finished product. 

“The certification aims to demonstrate a company’s commitment to sustainable alternatives to animal-based food and body products,” said Lucy Anderson, SCS’ Director of Product Claims Certification. “The launch of this new standard is an exciting next step as the plant-based food industry is growing exponentially. Independent, third-party assurance of the plant-based claim with SCS plant-based certification logo will provide the needed assurance for consumers and enable them to make confident purchasing decisions.” 

The SCS Plant-Based Standard is a process-based certification that uses proven and trusted auditing methodologies to ensure that products holding the SCS Plant-Based Standard label meet these requirements.

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