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SCS Standards Releases SCS-115 Standard for Public Review

Emeryville, Calif.,

SCS Standards is pleased to announce that a newly developed cradle-to-gate product carbon intensity certification standard is now available for public review.  

The Certification Standard for Product Carbon Intensity and Reduction (SCS-115) was developed by SCS Standards, with the support and input of industry experts. SCS-115 provides a methodology to calculate the carbon intensity and/or reductions for products that contain chemicals or fuels. SCS 115 allows for the application of a wide range of decarbonization levers.  

SCS-115 is a modular standard: the core standard provides the framework and methodology, while requirements specific to each decarbonization lever are contained in separate modules (to date, only Module A has been developed):  

  • Module A: Renewable Electricity  
  • Module B: Biofeedstock and Recycled Content (to be developed) 
  • Module C: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (to be developed) 
  • Module D: Renewable Energy (to be developed) 
  • Module E: Asset Efficiency Improvement (to be developed) 

The public is welcome to comment on the new standard and Module A until February 2nd, 2024. To submit comments, please reach out to [email protected], or please visit  

About SCS Standards 

SCS Standards is a non-profit organization committed to the development of standards that advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Standards are developed in alignment with best practices and guidelines provided by internationally recognized bodies to ensure a robust, transparent and collaborative approach. SCS Standards is an affiliate of Scientific Certification Systems, Inc., and is its official affiliate standards development body. 

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