SCS Standards Releases SCS Methodology Standard for Stressor-Effects Life Cycle Assessment (SE-LCA) for Public Review


SCS Standards is pleased to announce that SCS-002: Methodology Standard for Stressor-Effects Life Cycle Assessment (SE-LCA), Version 2.0, is now available for public review.   

The Standard has been developed to provide a life-cycle assessment (LCA) framework that describes the determination of environmentally relevant category indicators, calculation of indicator results, documentation, and reporting requirements. SCS-002 facilitates the usefulness of LCA in supporting internal decision-making and market claims made about products, organizations, and projects, and complements ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and ISO 14072.   

The public is welcome to comment on the new standard until March 17, 2023. To submit comments, please contact us here or visit 


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SCS Standards is a non-profit organization committed to the development of standards that advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Standards are developed in alignment with best practices and guidelines provided by internationally recognized bodies to ensure a robust, transparent and collaborative approach. SCS Standards is an affiliate of Scientific Certification Systems, Inc., and is its official affiliate standards development body. 

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