Certification Standard for Gluten-Free Products




Final Standard

Revision Status:

Not Under Revision


This standard ensures products contain less than 10 ppm of gluten or country-specific requirements, whichever is lower, and is backed by testing via AOAC-approved test kits and accredited laboratories. It is stricter than the WHO/FAO Codex, USA, Canada, the EU, and many other country standards.

Transition Period: Starting January 1, 2024, all new audits shall be conducted against SCS Gluten-Free Standard Version 2.2. Existing Certificate Holders are required to transition to the new version of the standard by the expiration date of their current SCS Gluten-Free certificate.


SCS-107 Gluten-Free Standard V2.2

SCS-107 Certification Body Requirements V1.1

SCS Standards Certification and Approval Requirements V1.0