Certification Standard for Sustainably Grown Agricultural Crops




Final Standard

Revision Status:

Not Under Revision


This standard provides a comprehensive framework and common set of requirements grouped into three categories (Business Integrity, Sustainable Farming Practices, and Ethical Stewardship) with optional additional requirements that allow producers to achieve further recognition. SCS-001 ensures producers work diligently to provide a safe and healthy work environment, support farm communities, and protect vital environmental resources such as clean air, clean water, and wildlife habitat while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Transition period: Producers seeking to get certified or to renew their certifications can begin using Version 3.0 in January, 2023. Starting April 1, 2023, all audits will be conducted against SCS Sustainably Grown Version 3.0. Existing certificate holders will transition to the new version of the standard at their next audit, at the latest starting July 1, 2023.


SCS-001 Sustainably Grown Standard for Agricultural Crops V3.0

SCS-001 Sustainably Grown Standard for Agricultural Crops V2.2

SCS-001 Sustainably Grown Handler Affidavit Form V1-0

SCS-001-1 Certification Body Requirements V1-0

SCS-001-1 Recognized Carbon Calculator Tools V1-1

SCS Standards Certification and Approval Requirements V1.0