Certification Standard for Zero Waste Facilities




Final Standard

Revision Status:

Not Under Revision


This standard measures the amount of waste diverted from landfill through reduction, recycling and re-use as a percentage of total waste generated. Facilities demonstrating at least 50% waste diversion can be recognized under this standard.

Transition period: Facilities seeking to get certified or to renew their certifications should begin using Version 3.0 starting April 2023. As of July 1, 2023, all audits will be conducted against SCS Zero Waste Version 3.0. Existing certificate holders will transition to the new version of the standard at their next audit, at the latest starting October 1, 2023.


SCS-110 Zero Waste Standard V3.0
SCS-110 Certification Body Requirements V1.0
SCS-110 Zero Waste Facilities Standard V2.1
SCS Standards Certification and Approval Requirements V1.0