Certification Standard for Sustainability Rated Diamonds




Final Standard

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Not Under Revision


This standard is the first comprehensive, multi-stakeholder sustainability standard developed for the diamond sector and applies to both natural and laboratory-grown diamonds, including any entity that handles the diamonds on their way to market. The certification program provides unparalleled transparency and the highest level of diamond origin traceability assurance, and incorporates quantitative metrics to ensure that producers move rapidly toward achieving a net zero carbon footprint and reducing their life cycle impacts

Transition period: Starting July 1, 2024, all audits will be conducted against SCS Sustainability Rated Diamonds Version 1.0. Existing certificate holders will transition to the new version of the standard at their next audit, at the latest starting July 1, 2024.


SCS-007-1 Sustainability Rated Diamonds Standard V2.1 for Trial Use
SCS-007-1 Sustainability Rated Diamonds Standard V1.0
SCS-007-1 Certification Body Requirements V1-0
SCS-007-1 Annex A: Approved Mechanisms to Achieve Net Zero Carbon Footprint V2.0
SCS-007-1 Annex B: Supplemental Climate Reporting: Using the RF Protocol to Quantify Heat Reduction Potential of Producer Activities V2.0
SCS-007-1 Annex C: Quantifying Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Results for the Production Operation V2.0
SCS-007-1 Annex D: Requirements for ISM Producers for Establishing Ecosystem Baseline Conditions V2.0
SCS-007-1 Annex E: Assessing Industrial-Scale Mining (ISM) Impacts on Water Resources and Quality V1.1
SCS-007-1 Annex F: Data Requirements for Certified Diamonds and Certified Diamond Jewelry V1.2
SCS Standards Certification and Approval Requirements V1.0