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SCS Standards Publishes Certification Standard for Biobased Content


In response to the growing market demand for products and materials derived from biobased sources, SCS Standards is pleased to announce a new certification standard to track such products and materials from source to market.  

The SCS Certification Standard for Biobased Content (SCS-114) is intended to ensure traceability of the biobased content from eligible sources, from initial processing into certified, value-added products and materials through the chain of custody.  Only biomass raw materials – i.e., materials derived from living matter such as wood, leather, paper, agricultural crops – that are third-party certified against an approved certification scheme are eligible under this Standard. Eligible raw materials include those certified against ISCC, RSB, Sustainably Grown and RSPO, amongst others (a complete list of approved schemes is in the standard). The standard allows for biobased content claims based on mass balance allocation or from physically segregated supply chains.     

“This standard fills a gap in the biomass certification arena”, comments Victoria Norman, SCS Standards Executive Director. “SCS-114 allows an organization sourcing its biomass from a number of third-party certified producers to undergo a single chain of custody audit that results in a truthful and accurate claim, rather than requiring an organization to undergo multiple chain of custody audits that result in different, piecemeal claims.”  

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