SCS Standards Releases Revised SCS Zero Waste Standard for Public Review


SCS Standards is pleased to announce that version 3.0 of the SCS-110 Certification Standard for Zero Waste Facilities is now available for public review.  

The Standard was first introduced in the Fall of 2020 as a practical foundation for waste diversion programs at facilities, with the result that facilities track the amount of waste diverted from landfill as a percentage of total waste generated, year over year.  

Proposed changes to version 3.0 of the Standard include the following: 

  • Certification Body requirements moved to a separate standalone document defining:  
    • Criteria for determining eligibility for on-site or remote auditing,   
    • On-site sampling requirements for External Vendors,  
    • Updated CAP/RCA requirements. 
  • Default residual for waste-to-energy updated from 20% to 25%.  
  • Unaccounted-for waste added as a category to be included in the diversion calculation and on the certificate.  
  • Addition of new claims and metrics.  
  • New template for affidavits (available from approved certification body).  
  • New requirement for Operators to create a plan to phase out Waste-to-Energy diversion methods known to produce high GHG emissions and toxins.  

The public is welcome to comment on the version 3.0 updates to the standard until March 17, 2023. To submit comments, please reach out to us using this form or visit  https://www.scsstandards.org/standards/certification-standard-zero-waste-facilities .  


About SCS Standards  

SCS Standards is a non-profit organization committed to the development of standards that advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Standards are developed in alignment with best practices and guidelines provided by internationally recognized bodies to ensure a robust, transparent and collaborative approach. SCS Standards is an affiliate of Scientific Certification Systems, Inc., and is its official affiliate standards development body. 

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